Carb jet setting for high altitude

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Carb jet setting for high altitude

Post by AfricaLionHeart » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:25 pm

Hi every one .
Please can some one tell me where to get specs on the sizes of different jets for high altitude? I am at 1500m but do intend traveling at the coast now and then, probably a 50/50 scenario. Southern Africa is my playground :lol:
Have seen a choice of the following jets available to purchase for the Zenith 36;

Idle Jet 55 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36 7001084051-55
Idle Jet 60 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36 7001084051-60

Main Jet 125 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36 7001084041-25
Main Jet 135 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36 7001084041-35
Main Jet 140 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36 7001084041-40

Idle Air Jet 110 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36 7001084071-10
Idle Air Jet 130 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36 7001084071-30

I have also noticed the following concerning my two carbs;
Are both carbs supposed to have the same jets? Because one has Idle Jet 55 and the other Idle Jet 60 , Main Jet 135 the other Main Jet 140 and the choke disks are also different, one is a No.2 and the other a No.6 i.e. one has small holes and the other bog holes (one of each circled in red).

Thanks in advance
choke disk.png
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Re: Carb jet setting for high altitude

Post by The true Pinzgauer´s » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:10 pm

Main Jets 135 for 800-1500meters, 130diameter 1500 to 2000meters and 125 diameter 2500 to 4000meters

mount at your´s with slow running jet 55

and 130 slow running air jets

( 140 Main jets only with 60 slow running jets and 110 slow running air jets up to 1200meters)

The starter air disc no 2 has the big hole and is corsale to regulate( short way). Mount no 5 or no 6

There are different kinds of throttle cambers too, different drill holes, throttle flaps and side sealings, also different throttle lever- high and low :wink:

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Re: Carb jet setting for high altitude

Post by boeing7873 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:16 pm

Definitely I would expect both carbs to run the same set of jets...
I just posted a link to an Italian carb shop that has quite a few jet options for a good price. Check it out on the forum under Classifieds or Parts for sale.
Good luck.
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