carb leak

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carb leak

Post by JimmyC » Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:30 pm

I had trouble with my carb leaking after I went through it. I found a good way to locate the leak. Dump the gas out, spray the outside with soapy water and blow compressed air into the bowl vent. The bowl vent is the thing with the screen in it right in the middle when looking down from the top. All the leaks will bubble.

I never was able to get the top gasket 100% leak free. I lapped the two surfaces flat and tried two gaskets at the same time but it continued to blow bubbles in a minor way. Maybe the pressure was lifting the top. The cover screws did not feel right. They felt like something was yielding. No gasoline is coming out, probably because it is above the fuel level.

I am thinking about next time. Maybe I should counter sink the screw holes a little. Maybe put some gasket compound on the gasket. Has anybody else had this issue?
Jim Chance

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