Fitting an oil pressure gauge

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Fitting an oil pressure gauge

Post by Yakov » Sun May 31, 2015 8:31 pm

I thought I would post my solution to fitting the oil pressure sender and gauge.
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I used a 100 PSI VDO gauge and sender unit, and installed it by screwing an M10-1/8NPT adapter into the engine where the oil pressure sender goes, then a grease gun hose, the longest I could find (this was the most readily available and cheapest solution, as a braided steel hose isn't available at every store), at the other end of this grease gun hose is a Haflinger 3-way brake fitting. I retapped the centre port for 1/8NPT and the other two ports have the stock warning light sender and the new VDO sender via another M10-1/NPT adapter (I happened to choose a 1/8NPT thread sender rather than an M10). This whole assembly was bolted to the body and grounded via the bolt that holds the bottom of the engine access hatch (the short bolt there replaced with a longer one, obviously).
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Seems to work well for now.

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