New off-road GPS coming

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New off-road GPS coming

Post by VinceAtReal4x4s » Fri May 17, 2019 9:37 pm

There's been a couple of attempts with the Montana Topo being the only one I liked and own. This looks like a whole new game, from Garmin. It's saying a month or so out right now. Not cheap at around $600-700. The maps and magnet mount look very nice so far.
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Re: New off-road GPS coming

Post by rmel » Sat May 18, 2019 12:45 am

I’m no fan of the “commercial” GPS solutions. I’ve rolled my own with
3’rd party navigation software packages that run on OSX or Windows.
Then build a hardware platform around the software to my liking. This
gives you the flexibility on the the size of the display, computer, and storage
needed. Above all you ain’t locked into Garmin's restrictions on what tracks
you can import or export and choices of maps.

On my 710 I run a Nav pkg called Routebuddy on a Macmini piped forward
to a display. I have a Globalsat GPS receiver on the roof which connects to the
Mac over USB. This software is still available but I don’t see a lot of development
going on anymore, last update was years ago. So I am right now in the process of
upgrading my Nav for both my 710 and 712 to “Memory-Map” running on a
Microsoft surface Go. I will also install a android emulator to run so I can run Gaiagps.
Both of these SW packages have a lot of choices on maps and imports which I find
vastly more useful, more flexible, and less expensive than the commercial offerings.

If you want a quick and dirty solution, it would be Gaiagps running on a iPad, iPhone,
or Android. The limitation I find with this is the built in GPS receivers which are
rather limited. As far as GPS limitations, this is why I have a industrial strength GPS
receiver on the roof of my trucks. They will tease out at least 3 sat's almost always
no matter where you are. You can augment Gaiagps with an external GPS on some

My approach is not plug and play and needs a wee bit of computer savvy but it's well
worth the effort.
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